Affordable USA
ZIP Code
database files
that you can import
into your own
software applications.

Single User License

This basic license allows the ZIP Code database file to be used on a single PC, and where the database cannot be accessed by other computers on a network.


Multi-User License

The Multi-User License grants your company the right to include the database in an application and make it available to all users within your company, regardless of whether the database is placed on stand-alone PCs or on a network.  However, the database cannot be used in an application that is to be sold, nor can the database be sold.


Developer License

The Developer License allows you to incorporate any part of the Zip Code database on an "unlimited basis" in custom applications that you have developed and provided that the data is not easy to copy or steal.  The Zip Code database cannot be sold individually (by itself), but must accompany your application at all times.  Leaving the Zip Code database in an unencrypted, external file is not permitted.  The Zip Code database must be embedded into your application, unable to be altered or copied by the end user, or the database file must be encrypted external to your application.

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